Ever since I was young I always wanted to use my creativity and have something material to show for my efforts.

With a major in Fashion Design I came to Dallas with dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer.  I ended up in the Staffing Industry, positions ranging from an Operations Coordinator to a VP overseeing multiple individuals in several cities and states.   I chose to use my creativity in a different way.  

Finding the most difficult elements of the staffing industry are:

  • Acquiring companies (Getting their attention to get in the door)
  • Recruiting and Retaining top talent internally 

Today most companies utilize e-mail, computer generated print material or social media to get their name across.  Many times whether mailed or sent via computer the garbage can or delete button is not hard to miss.  Why not go back to the basics?  When was the last time you received a handwritten note or card that you actually took the time to open and found something unique or different than you have in the past? Catching the eye of the prospect is one step closer to getting their attention and getting in front of them for that very important first appointment. 

I make it a point to use personal notes to make a lasting impression. I am unique and different.  A hand written Thank You note is sent to every prospect that I visit and the date of the note is documented on the back of each business card for future reference. All employees receive a welcome aboard card when they start with the company.  Their birthdays and anniversaries are also recognized.  Retaining talent attributes to the success of your office in many different ways.

Personally, I am known for always remembering birthdays, special occasions etc., many of the cards are customized for that individual.  The name of my company is Cheri’s Visions.